Used electric forklifts

Your new second-hand electric forklifts

Used equipment is slowly becoming a valid alternative on the market for the purchase of a new piece of machinery: not only for the financial savings but also because businesses like ours have specialized in the repair and overhaul of equipment to bring them back to new.

We are happy to help you purchase or rent used electric forklifts of various capacities: 1500 through 5000 kilograms. The models in our fleet come from the most renowned and reliable brands on the market like Still, Om, Hyster and many others: each one is inspected thoroughly to check the integrity of the components and, if necessary, carry out the required repairs and maintenance operations.

Explore our selection of used equipment at a great price: you can also request further info by filling out the form or contacting us.

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Tecno Trades

All the advantages of our used electric forklifts

The electric forklift is an ideal choice for medium-intensity work inside warehouses and other industrial facilities as it is quiet, easy to maneuver and does not emit polluting exhaust gases. Thanks to the modern batteries it can have, the forklift operates smoothly for an entire 8-hour shift without needing to be recharged; the regenerative braking feature equipped in many models are equipped with also contributes to this. Thanks to this feature, when braking, some of the energy used can be recovered and stored in the battery for further use.

Once considered to be a rather costly investment, electricity powered forklifts are now a useful and ingenious choice, especially if second-hand: Tecno Trades Srl guarantees complete conformity of each second-hand model because we perform a complete evaluation of the entire system and components. Our workshop then takes care of refurbishing the forklift, replacing worn or damaged parts, and remanufacturing the components. In addition, it is possible to request repainting the chassis with corporate colors or applying logos and brands.