Used forklifts

Used forklifts for sale and rental

We are here to help you with the purchase and rental of used forklifts to move pallets, loads and cargo safely and easily within industrial, commercial, and agricultural facilities.

In our authorized rental and purchase center you will find a selection of used electric and diesel forklifts at a discounted price: each model is thoroughly inspected, serviced and repaired in our esteemed workshop Officina Meccanica F.lli Rodella Snc, which has been refurbishing and retraining cranes, forklifts and other lifting and loading equipment for more than five decades.

Take advantage of our second-hand deals with unbeatable discounts: you no longer have to sacrifice the quality, efficiency, and reliability of a brand-new product. for more information about what we can do for your company, please contact us by phone or through the form you will find on these pages.

Tecno Trades Srl operates actively throughout the peninsula and the rest of the European territories but is also available for orders from countries outside Europe.

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Tecno Trades

All the advantages of our forklifts

The forklifts in Tecno Trades Srl’s fleet are available right away and are ready for delivery, so that you can right away have a reliable and safe vehicle to which you can entrust the handling of pallets and pallets.

Our quality assurance comes from a thorough inspection and analysis of the health of the forklift, during which we assess its operation, energy consumption, and evaluate the need for repairs. These are then carried out in our own workshop: we replace degraded components using original spare parts, clean and overhaul electrical systems and the engine, and refurbish all parts to bring the entire unit back to like-new condition. In addition, we can intervene with custom painting in your business colors and application of company logos.