All-terrain cranes

Used all-terrain mobile cranes for sale

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to working in hazardous environments and on perilous terrains: this is where all-terrain mobile cranes come in, a perfect combination of industrial engineering and technology to guarantee great performance and adaptability.

Tecno Trades Srl has been working in the business of selling used cranes on wheels for over two decades: within our model catalog you’ll find many all-terrain models from a variety of brands such as Liebherr, Grove, Tadano Demad, Tadano Faun, Ormig and Marchetti. They are equipped with different length telescopic arms and have an adjustable maximum capacity to give you only the best results.

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Tecno Trades

All the benefits of an all-terrain crane

These pieces of machinery are a true powerhouse in the world of industrial handling within construction sites, regardless of their size and the type of work to be done. In particular, the driver’s cabs are designed and engineered to combine flexibility, versatility, safety and productivity: the configuration of intelligent systems and the ergonomics of the controls allow the operator to precisely intervene and guide the vehicle wherever its functionality is required.

The reinforced wheels of the truck-mounted cranes, in combination with a high trim, also allow you to safely move the vehicle over any type of ground– there are no obstacles or uneven surfaces that will be able to stop you.