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Sale of new cranes

Are you looking for the right equipment for your construction, civil, industrial, or military work? Purchasing a truck with crane is not easy in a market that is growingly saturated with offerings, models, and different configurations. This is why Tecno Trades Srl has been an integral player in the sale of professional cranes and lifting machinery for over twenty years.

Our flagship products are mobile cranes that have been individually selected from our team of experts to verify their performances and ensure the highest quality to our clients. You may choose one of the currently available models, constructed from the best Italian and international manufacturers such as Locatelli, Grove, Terex and Liebherr.

Tecno Trades Srl is your new crane supplier throughout Italy and abroad. For more information or to request assistance from our staff, please fill out the form or contact us by phone.

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Tecno Trades

Resellers of great brands

To demonstrate the professionalism and prestige of our business, we have become important resellers and dealers of the best brands, recognized on an international scale for the quality and efficiency of the models.

A new mobile crane must always be at your disposal to solve problems and issues, assisting you as best as possible to handle different loading and moving operations while complying in full with the regulations currently applicable in terms of work safety.

All available models on our websites, as well as those we suggest during a personalized consultation, are fast, efficient and can help you tackle a vast range of difficult jobs. Operator operation is easy thanks to the implementation of computer and digital systems and the intelligent configuration of the cabin itself, thus enabling you to work in peace and comfort.