Used aerial work platforms

Used aerial lifts on sale

Does your business need a new lifting platform that can bring your workers at high altitudes to perform pruning, moving, repairing, painting, or other construction work but you don’t want to pay an exorbitant price? It’s time to call Tecno Trades Srl, a Mantua-based company active throughout Italy and abroad that specializes in the sale of used refurbished and overhauled aerial platforms. The truck-mounted AWPs in our fleet are perfect for any type of work and can sustain even intense schedules.

Their maneuverability, small size and ease of use make these models an invaluable aid when you want to reach high elevations, also indoor; plus, thanks to outstanding value for money, you can add Tecno Trades Srl’s used AWPs to your arsenal with minimal investment.

To receive more details about our used second-hand platforms, please contact us: you can do so by phone, with a simple e-mail or by filling out the dedicated form.

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Tecno Trades

One tool with many benefits

There are numerous benefits that may lead a business to choose an aerial platform.

First of all, the small size of the vehicle in relation to capacity: an aerial platform can operate safely in confined or enclosed spaces because it is small and convenient to position, especially if it is truck mounted. These small dimensions, however, do not affect the reach and extension of the boom with basket, which can exceed 15 meters. This allows you to work in very high areas, tight corners, or difficult spots such as building facades, trees for pruning, roofs, gutters, ventilation systems, vents, and sprinkler systems.

And, if you choose to purchase a used spider lift or aerial platform, there is another considerable benefit: the cost, which drops dramatically for relatively new technology and high quality. This is especially true in our company where each product is thoroughly inspected and, if necessary, cleaned, repaired, and overhauled.