Telehandlers boom lifts for sale

Designed and built specifically for lifting and moving materials in construction sites, warehouses, and industrial plants, telescopic handlers (also known as zoom booms or reach forklifts) are multifunctional machines that can be a great help for heavy loads. Compact and adaptable, they are a very smart investment for anyone who needs to move and lift loads efficiently, even outdoors and on unpaved or uneven terrain.

Tecno Trades Srl is a business with over twenty years of experience: we offer a large variety of electric telehandlers with baskets at great prices: you can choose from new models but also used equipment from brands such as Multifarmer, JCB, Magni. We work hard to satisfy whatever needs and demands you may have, while also keeping your financial availability in mind.

Request support from our experts now via the contact form or by calling: we will be glad to offer you all the information you need. We are active throughout Italy and abroad.

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Tecno Trades

Multifunctional and versatile for every need

Telescopic handlers are very versatile and, in the right contexts, can replace other lifting equipment such as forklifts and aerial platforms. They can reach higher and farther than other equipment thanks to the telescopic boom with basket; moreover, since the boom itself is positioned to the side, the visibility is not blocked on the operator’s side ensuring greater safety during handling.

In terms of ease of use, telehandlers have two axles that allow for an ample steering angle; this, combined with the right tires and a strong structure, ensure that the functionality and maneuverability of the equipment is maintained outdoor, in industrial construction sites and in other areas with uneven terrain with obstacles.

Finally, the telehandler can be stationary or rotating: the first category features a strictly frontal, making it particularly useful for construction work and agriculture. Rotating zoom booms, on the other hand, can move on a 360° axis to reach difficult spots or operate in hazardous environments.