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Training courses for our lifting equipment

Tecno Trades Srl is a business that since over twenty years ago is considered a leader in the sale and rental of aerial work platforms (AWPs), mobile cranes, forklifts, and other lifting equipment. Thanks to our expertise and continuous research into the new technologies, we can offer professional, cutting-edge services such as training courses for your workers: if they possess the forklift driver license or certifications that allow them to operate a crane, they will be able to use our equipment in no time without issue.

Training courses focus on how to drive cranes or correctly operate a forklift/AWP, ensuring safety within the job site or industrial plant. We are at your complete disposal for further details or to book a training course: don’t hesitate to call us or contact us through the appropriate form. Tecno Trades Srl is active both throughout Italy and abroad.

Tecno Trades

Our experience, your company

Each course is designed and taught in a targeted way to identify the needs of your staff and fill any gaps: depending on the type of vehicle purchased or rented, in fact, different skills and notions are required to make the best use of the gear and avoid risks of malfunctions and damage to the machine itself or the loads lifted.

Training is delivered directly at your company or in the field, showing clearly and concisely everything that concerns the operation of the different components, the use of digital systems and controls, proper safety precautions, and any other functionality. The potential of the equipment is also demonstrated, and the different uses are illustrated, highlighting their versatility and range of uses since many vehicles can perform multiple tasks if used properly.

It is necessary to remember that whoever is being trained in the use of lifting equipment must compulsorily hold a license or equivalent qualification as established by the regulations in force in the country in which they are working: Tecno Trades Srl does not issue these certifications, nor does it offer basic training courses for obtaining said qualifications.

Tecno Trades Srl

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