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There are increasingly more models of cranes available on the market: from tracked cranes and high slewing cranes to all-terrain cranes for work in rough terrain. In cities, where roads are narrow and there is not enough space for maneuvering vehicles and loads, compact mobile cranes are a great piece of equipment that can combine functionality and versatility.

At Tecno Trades Srl you will find a variety of refurbished city cranes and used lifting equipment on sale, hailing from the best Italian and international brands such as Demag Cranes, Locatelli and Tadano. Let our expert help you find the solution that fits your needs.

Find out more details or request our assistance using the appropriate form or by contacting us by phone. Tecno Trades Srl is at your disposal throughout Italy and, at the Customer’s request, internationally.

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In our catalog you can browse through a diverse assortment of city cranes, which are high slewing cranes specially designed for use in urban environments: the maneuverability and technology are also designed to reach great heights without compromising stability.

These cranes have capacities comparable to the larger models traditionally used in industrial construction sites, but they are smaller in size and have the convenience and speed of a regular work vehicle. Most notably, many models lack a front boom and allow the operator to maintain full visibility while moving and lifting.