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Tecno Trades Srl, active throughout Italy and abroad, carries out the sale of new and used aerial platforms (AWP) of the best brands currently available on the market: the vehicle, equipped with a basket, is ideal for companies operating in the gardening and construction sectors because it allows the operator to reach high heights safely and with ease.

Maneuverable and easy to use, AWPs can seamlessly adapt to your existing equipment and can be employed for several jobs like pruning at high altitudes, cleaning gutters angd roofs, painting the exterior of and constructing new buildings, as well as setting up stages, working on filtration and air conditioning systems, or doing restoration work.

Discover the best models, ready to ship at a very advantageous price: for further information regarding the purchase of a new AWP or to request a consultation from one of our representatives, please contact us by phone or by filling out the dedicated form.

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What type of lifting platform is right for you?

The best-known and most widely used type of AWP is the vertical lift platform, also known as a pantograph platform. These units are compact and fit smoothly into almost any enclosed space to work on equipment and systems near the ceiling. Their vertical movement is achieved through the electrically operated “scissor” mechanism and provides excellent flexibility and stability.

We can also provide you with other types of lifting platforms such as telescopic platforms, which allow you to reach more recessed and difficult corners, articulated platforms for precision movements, and spider lifts.