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New industrial forklifts for sale

Tecno Trades is active throughout Italy and the world to offer you sale, medium– and long-term rental of new forklifts: our lifting equipment is designed to work optimally in construction sites, industrial sites and farmland because it can help lift and move loads safely, even if heavy or oversized.

Our forklifts, manufactured by companies such as Still, Om, and caterpillar, can be employed both outdoor and indoor in workshops and warehouses and provide safety, quality, and functionality without giving up on maneuverability, load capacity and power. They can also be used off-road.

If you are looking for a new forklift, contact Tecno Trades Srl now: we are at your disposal. Fill out the form or call us!

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Tecno Trades

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The sale is completed with an all-round support and technical assistance service, during which we pick out the best options for your needs.

Engine displacement, type of power supply, size, and other factors can in fact affect different work operations in a practical way.

In the case of smaller operations or those purely carried out indoors, an electric-powered forklift can be the winning asset: its small size makes it very agile and maneuverable, which is very useful for moving through areas full of obstacles. In addition, electricity is a clean energy resource that does not pollute warehouses, providing greater comfort for those operating it and those working around it.

For more demanding work, handling heavy loads or off-road tasks, however, a diesel-powered forklift is better suited as it offers more power and reliability even in adverse conditions. The reinforced chassis and compact but sturdy design make it the perfect equipment for operating on uneven terrain or bare ground such as in farm settings.