New electric forklifts

New electric forklifts on sale

Are you looking for a new forklift to help you during loading, unloading, and moving of goods, products, and materials? Tecno Trades Srl is ready to help. We are experts both in Italy and abroad in the sale and rental of electric-powered forklifts, notable for their reliability and maneuverability even in particularly narrow spaces.

The telescopic boom handling of these forklifts allows you to nimbly move any load within warehouses, workshops, and factories. What are you waiting for? Call Tecno Trades Srl now to take advantage of great prices: we are active throughout Italy and in many other European and non-European countries.

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Tecno Trades

A wide selection of new and ultra-performing models

Our equipment fleet included electric models from Hyster, Still, Om and other international brands that have been recognized for their quality and sturdiness when handling intense workloads.

What makes such a forklift so convenient and useful? First of all, its power supply makes it suitable for indoor use because the absence of gasses and the reduced noise do not disturb workers and do not pose a risk for safety. Further, thanks to regenerative braking, it is possible to recover part of the energy spent.

They are also environmentally friendly vehicles with minimal maintenance costs; they are maneuverable and easy to operate even in the presence of various obstacles.