Equipment customization
Tecno Trades

Customized aerial work platforms and mobile cranes

Purchasing a piece of machinery, whether it be new or second-hand, is crucial to optimize activity in a job site: it could be an aerial platform for working indoor, a mobile crane to move heavy loads or forklifts to handle pallet logistics.

Nonetheless, it is also important that the new equipment become a recognizable part of the company’s equipment and it be easily identifiable: to solve this issue and offer you the highest quality service possible, Officina Meccanica F.lli Rodella Snc, our mechanic shop, is available for the customization of cranes, platforms and other machinery with special paint jobs or application of logos and slogans.

Each product can be personalized and made uniquely yours with custom colors and decals: contact our authorized sale and rental center now or submit your request through an e-mail or the form.

Tecno Trades

Our custom work for your machines

At our workshop in Ceresara, in the province of Mantua, we have facilities and equipment designed for carpentry and vehicle customization.

The equipment is thoroughly cleaned, sanded, and prepared for custom painting in the colors of your company; after painting, drying, and applying protective treatments, we can also apply decals and stickers containing logos, slogans, and writing.

Afterwards, the entire unit is assembled, tested, disassembled, and prepared for transport and eventual reassembly at the Client’s premises.

Tecno Trades Srl

Bringing your company even higher. For further information or to request a non-binding quote, we invite you to contact us immediately.