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Used off-road cranes for sale

To better manage jobs and construction sites set in precarious locations or in the presence of various obstacles, it is crucial to leverage flexible and versatile equipment to avoid slowdowns or problems when it comes to vehicle movement. In these cases, Tecno Trades Srl recommends you consider the purchase of an off-road crane: in our online catalog you will find several used 4×4 wheeled and crawler cranes, a perfect compromise between quality, safety, performance, and convenience.

The cranes we have available have been carefully selected, overhauled, and refurbished to achieve performance comparable to new at a fraction of the cost: they are all mobile crane models capable of seamlessly moving around any construction site and are manufactured by the best companies in the business such as Grove and Locatelli.

Feel free to contact us via the form or by phone for more information regarding our services: Tecno Trades Srl operates throughout Italy and abroad.

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Efficiency and adaptability in one lifting machine

Choosing an off-road crane can become the winning strategy in a multitude of contexts: its versatility and agility during movement, in fact, allows you to position it as best as possible even on difficult terrain, taking full advantage of all its functionalities. Such flexibility, combined with great comfort in the operator booth, ensure safety and efficiency during work with less strain.

They are also very reliable, turdy models that can easily be maintained, which is also one of the services offered in our specialized workshop. This makes them a suitable choice of equipment in sites where there are unpaved surfaces, holes or possible landslips that may pose a risk for workers’ safety.