ATF 130G-5 EM 4 - All-terrain cranes

ATF 130G-5 EM 4

Technical data

Builder: Tadano Faun GmbH
Max. Lifting Capacity: 130 t
Boom: 12.8 m - 60 m
Boom extension: 3.8 m - 32 m
Boom extension HTLJ: 9 m - 19 m (hydraulically telescopable and offset 5° to 60°)
Max. Sheave height: 95 m
Max. radius: 72 m
Engine: Mercedes Benz (Euromot IV, EPA Tier 4f)
Carrier: 390 kW (530 HP) / Superstructure: 129 kW (175 HP)
Gearing mechanism: ZF-AS-Tronic 12 AS 2531
Gear: 10 x 6 x 10 (10 x 8 x 10 option)
Length: 14.85 m
Width: 2.75 m
Height: 3.99 m


Frame: Torsion-resistant, welded construction made from high-strength, fine-grained steel. Central lubrication system.
Outriggers: 4-point double telescopic hydraulic outriggers incl. asymmetric outrigger base and automatic length detection. Controls on both side of carrier and in superstructure cab. Outrigger base 7.5 m (6.2 m / 5.0 m / 4.1 m / 2.5 m) x 8.03 m.
Carrier engine: Mercedes-Benz 6 cylinder model OM 471 LA (Euromot IV / EPA Tier 4f), water-cooled diesel engine, engine displacement 12.8 l, rated at 390 kW (530 HP) at 1700 min-1. Torque 2460 Nm at 1300 min-1. Engine rating acc. to ECE R120. Fuel tank: 600 l. AdBlue tank: 40 l.
Transmission: Main transmission: mechanical ZF AS-Tronic transmission, type 12 AS 2531, with integrated intarder, electro-pneumatically actuated dry clutch and fully automatic transmission control system. 12 forward gears and 2 reverse gears. If necessary, semi-automatic mode (Tip-Tronic) is possible with manual gear selection.
Transfer case: Two-stage.
Drive: 10 x 6
1st axle: steered, not driven; with differential lock, transverse.
2nd axle: steered, driven; with differential lock, transverse.
3rd axle: steered, not driven.
4th axle: steered, driven; with differential lock, longitudinal and transverse.
5th axle: steered, driven; with differential lock, transverse.
Suspension: Hydro-pneumatic suspension with levelling adjustment.
Brake system: Air-operated dual-circuit disc brake system with electrical wear indicator and air drier. Parking brake: spring loaded type acting on 2nd, 4th and 5th axles. Intarder and engine brake as continuous service brake.
Tyres: (10) 445/95 R 25 (16.00 R 25).
Steering system: ZF Servocom, dual-circuit hydraulic steering with emergency steering pump. Mechanical steering of 1st and 2nd axles and automatic steering of the 3rd and 4th axles up to a travel speed of 25 km/h and of the 5th axle up to 50 km/h.
Carrier cab: Two man full width cab of composite (steel sheet metal and fibre-glass) structure, with safety glass, central locking system, air-cushioned seats, driver's seat offering various adjustment options, with memory function and heater, engine dependent water heater, air conditioning, Bluetooth hands-free equipment, multifunction display, rear view camera, radio/CD player with USB port, control and operating elements for driving operation, Cruise Control and hill braking feature.
Electrical system: 24 Volt DC system, 2 batteries, CAN bus system with integral self-test CSS system, outrigger area lighting. Electrical system conforms with ECE regulations.
Optional equipment: (at extra charge) Towing attachment, autonomous supplementary heating with engine-preheater, drive 10 x 8, ABS system, 525/80 R 25 (20.5 R 25) tyres, spare wheel, special paint and lettering.
Further optional equipment available upon request.


Frame: Torsion-resistant welded structure with single-race ball-bearing slewing ring with external gearing, rotating through 360°. Central lubrication system.
Superstructure engine: Mercedes-Benz 4 cylinder diesel engine, type OM 934 LA (EUROMOT VI / EPA Tier 4f), watercooled. The engine speed can be varied progressively via a pedal. Engine displacement 5.1 l. Rated at 129 kW (175 HP) at 2200 min-1. Torque 750 Nm at 1200 - 1600 min-1. Engine rating acc. to ECE R120. Fuel tank: 220 l. AdBlue tank: 10 l.
Hydraulic system: Three-circuit diesel-hydraulic system, 1 power-controlled axial piston double pump (electrohydraulically adjustable), and 1 axial piston pump and 1 gear pump, oil cooler.
Controls: Electrically pre-controlled, 2 joy-stick levers.
Telescopic boom: 6 sections, made of high tensile finegrained steel, consisting of 1 base boom and 5 telescoping sections, 1 telescopic cylinder, extendable hydraulically under partial load. 12.8 m to 60.0 m long. Boom head with 6 sheaves.
Boom elevation: One differential cylinder with attached lowering brake check valve.
Main winch: Axial-piston variable-displacement motor, winch drum with integrated planetary reduction and hydraulically controlled spring-loaded multiple disc brake with integrated free rotation (no sagging of the load when hoisting). Drum rotation indicator. Hoist cable with "Super Stop" easy reeving system.
Slewing system: Axial-piston constant-rate motor, three-stage planetary gear with parking brake. Open hydraulic circuit with swing mechanism lock-out. Swing speed steplessly variable from 0 to 1.6 min-1.
Counterweight: Total 42.4 t, divisible. Controlled from superstructure cab.
Superstructure cab: Spacious crane cab of composite steel / plastic design with tempered tinted glass windows, tiltable cockpit with mechanically cushioned adjustable driver's seat with heater, autonomous supplementary heater with engine pre-heating. Air conditioning, radio / CD player, controls and instrumentation for crane operation, outrigger actuation and carrier engine features.
Electrical system: 24 V DC system, 2 batteries.
Safety devices: `Lift Adjuster´, electronic load moment limiter (LMB) with pilot lamp in several colors, slewing area and working range limitation with 'Slow-Stop' feature, hoist limit switch, lower limit switch, safety valves protect against pipe and hose failures.
Optional equipment: (at extra charge) Jib 1 m + 2.8 m to 1 m + 31 m, offsets 0°, 20° and 40° or hydraulically 0°- 40°, HTLJ jib 1.6 m + 7.4 m to 1.6 m + 17.4 m (hydraulically tiltable and telescopable 5° to 60°), 10 t hook tackle, selection of hook blocks from 32 t to 160 t, 2nd winch, supplementary oil cooler, special paint and lettering, supported forces display. Further optional equipment available upon request.

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ATF 130G-5 EM 4