Rental and possibility to purchase used equipments

Tecno Trades rents it cranes (no operator included) for mid- to long-terms (6 months or more).

Renting lifting equipment in general, whether industrial, construction, road work or agricultural, allows customers to take advantage of using one machine only for a limited period of time and for the need connected to a specific type of work that needs to be done.

Renting equipment is useful since there are no risks associated to the property and management of the machine fleet, thus saving on technical support and maintenance and other costs to be incurred.

Renting is an extremely versatile tool that may be used when one more machine is needed for a short period of time or to start your own activity without the need to invested capital.

Second-hand purchase

Purchasing a used machine allows considerable savings, which are somewhere around 50% of the price when compared with a new one.

Any possible operations requested by the customer on the machine affect the final price of the used machine; for example, overhauling or any other operations besides the standard implementation of safety measures on the vehicle.

By purchasing used equipment from Tecno Trades, customers can be sure that they will save money but without compromising the quality of the machine.