Rodella mechanical workshop

Rodella S.n.c mechanical workshop has been servicing and repairing motor vehicles for over thirty-five years.
The team consists of proprietors and skilled workers specialised in work equipment and vehicle maintenance.

Repairing and servicing cranes and forklift trucks, whether used or new, are the main activities of the mechanical workshop.

Rodella workshop is also a C.G.T. – Hyster authorised workshop as it sells new forklift trucks. In fact, to guarantee the maximum quality of the products and the service, work equipments are tested and adjusted, even if they are new, according to the customer’s requirements before they are delivered.

With the aim of supplying an optimal product to our customers, the equipments are tested in all and every aspect: mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, paintwork and tyres.
Forklift trucks and cranes comply with safety regulations.

Rodella mechanical workshop also provides spare parts, whether original or not. The latter are always type-approval guaranteed.

Rodella workshop takes care of its customers with special attention and helpfulness as regards support and assistance.

The mechanical workshop boasts countless fixed and mobile tools that ensure immediate repair operations at its premises or at the customer's, thus providing assistance right on time whenever it is required.

Displays the TÜV Certification