Ital-Rom Tecno Trades S.r.l.

Tecno Trades is also present in Romania with its own branch office.

The office in Romania is Ital-Rom Tecno Trade S.r.l and it offers the same services as the head office, selling cranes, forklift trucks and lifting equipment.
One special characteristic of the Romania office is the chance to distribute Locatelli new equipment as an official dealer.

In Romania there is also an office authorised to deal, as soon as it is required, with the technical problems that the equipment being used at the site may undergo. These problems can be solved either at the workshop or at the building site.

Offices in Romania

Registered office and Head offices:

Bucaresti, Sector 2, Sos. STEFAN CEL MAR, Nr 36, Bloc 30B, Scara B, Etaj 7, A.p. 65, Camera 2
Bucaresti, Sector 3, Str. Agricoltori, Nr 121, Bloc 82, Scara 1, Etaj 7, A.p. 26

Cod. Unic Inr. 18743679 din 07.06.2006

Trade Register J40/9345/07.06.2006

Tel.+40.742.010461 - Tel. +40.21.3200727

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