Locatelli Cranes

Founded in 1954, F.lli Locatelli is the first Italian Company manufacturer of telescopic hydraulic cranes and specialized in the production of rough terrain cranes.
The modern production facilities are based in Mapello (Bergamo), with a surface of 15.000 m2 approximately. After 50 years and for the number of producted cranes, Locatelli is considered as a benchmark in Italy and in the world.
Locatelli is very sensitive to the environmental problems and special care is given to the choice of components on the subject of emission and energy consumption. Locatelli is ISO 9001 certified since February 1997.

Rough terrain cranes Locatelli
Simple, sturdy, reliable and easily manoeuverable.
360° maximum visibility for lifting, telescopic boom deppending on your needs, 4 driving steering wheels to provide the best performances also in the hardest situation.
Suitable for workplaces like important road networks, waterworks, basements lines, eletrical networks and
public works.
Easily maneuverable in the shipyards and for industrial applications.

City cranes Locatelli
ATC 20: High profi le crane technology and compact size, manoeuverability and pick and carry capacity of RTcranes
with the comfort and the high speed of a motorvehicle.
No front outreach during the motion on road and 360° unrestricted visibility while lifting.
Four driving and steering wheels, and adjustable hydrogas suspensions.
Ideal for rental companies, contruction companies and public works.

Technical specialists are available to answer questions relate to the functioning and the proper use of cranes in
Italy and abroad.
Locatelli Crane organizes training courses for operators in the use of various models of cranes.
An equipped warehouse allows to answer promptly to requests for the supply of components for your cranes.
Locatelli’s product has been designed to ensure high safety standards.
Control operating systems control in conformity with the current regulations.
Highly motivated sales representatives are available to advice you about the best cranes according to your needs.
The Company can offer a complete line of rough terrain cranes ranging from 12,5 up to 60 ton capacity as well as city crane 20 ton capacity, with a great choice of options for different applications.