Business Partnership

Tecno Trades is constantly looking for new business relations to buy and sell commercial and industrial vehicles.

The company, with over twenty years experience in marketing new and used cranes and in continuous expansion, offers potential external collaborators its vast fleet of cranes and lifting equipment.

Tecno Trades is especially interested in entering into Partnerships with:

The company offers the chance of entering into commercial agreements with those dealers who want to take advantage of the experience and services offered by Tecno Trades and of its vast fleet of cranes, so that the requirements of even the most demanding customers can be met.

Tecno Trades is always willing to enter into business partnerships with the mechanical workshops that want to collaborate with the company regarding assisting cranes sold in Italy and overseas.

Foreign Market
Tecno Trades has always been focused on expand overseas business relations with external collaborators that deal with sales development at an international level.
All business partners can count on the responsibility and consolidated experience of a company that for a long time has been operating on national and international markets, buying and selling used and new cranes, and which has commercial and technical service departments prepared to deal with all kinds of requests.

Lead generators
Tecno Trades offers the chance to create business partnerships to those lead generators that bring into contact new customers for the company and broaden its network of commercial relations already established in Italy and overseas.

For further information on business partnerships with Tecno Trades, do not hesitate to contact us.